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Dominion Energy Innovation Center Launches DEIC Accelerate

Building on its mission to support Virginia’s clean tech entrepreneurs, the Dominion Energy Innovation Center (“DEIC”) announced today the seven Virginia startups that will make up the first DEIC Accelerate cohort starting in early September.

All seven DEIC Accelerate startups are working on products or services related to energy and sustainability. Companies accepted into the accelerator will spend ten weeks receiving intensive mentorship and education from DEIC’s partner network, led by Dominion Energy. The accelerator cohort will join the fifteen member companies currently working out of the incubator’s space in Ashland. These are the first cohort of DEIC Accelerate:

Ario (Norfolk): Ario’s platform, powered by augmented reality, provides industrial and manufacturing companies with a cutting edge, easy to use, and efficient means to train, educate, and improve their workforce while maintaining continuous operations.

Longleaf Conservation Capital (Richmond): Longleaf is a team of land owners/managers dedicated to generating financial returns with positive environmental impact on working lands throughout the Southeast. They work with a bulk of corporate partners to guide them through fulfilling ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.

eCountabl (Alexandria): ECountabl developed a consumer-facing mobile app that tracks the brands they purchase, keeping users accountable for their own spending. The app gauges individuals’ social and environmental stances, then connects users with companies that share those values.

Mova Technologies (Pulaski): Mova’s patented Panel-Bed Filtration System captures pollutants cheaper than current technologies while drastically improving the emission quality. With this product, industries that produce air pollution can remove pollutants from dirty gas streams and recycle them; converting pollutants into assets.

Asoleyo (Herndon): Asoleyo has tapped into a niche market of redesigning solar cells -- using the artistic principles of symmetry, rhythm, and line to transform the utilitarian rectangular grid of their silver electrical contacts.

Linebird (Richmond): Linebird is revolutionizing electric transmission line maintenance by applying drone technology to a dangerous and labor intensive process. This is also a cost-effective solution for the processes currently in place by most large-scale utility companies.

Lumin (Charlottesville): Lumin’s Platform is a whole-home energy management system that governs energy consumption based on available energy storage power, preset user preferences and grid conditions. This technology retrofits existing breaker panels to simplify new energy storage.


DEIC is officially recognized by Richmond Inno as a ‘2020 Inno On Fire’ Community Builder and Impact-maker


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